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Welcome to the Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK (AVSGF)

The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum UK (AVSGF-UK) is an umbrella organisation representing asbestos victims support groups. The Forum' s main purpose is to work collectively to provide one voice for asbestos victims.

For advice on benefits and compensation and support for sufferers of asbestos disease and their families contact Forum Members

Asbestos victims and campaigners attended rallies across the UK on Friday 3rd July  to demand the Government delivers on years of broken promises and delivers the funding for mesothelioma research that would put it on an equal footing with other cancers. Doves were released in memory of all those who have lost their lives to this disease needlessly.
MPs promised campaigners they would get behind the campaign for better research funding to end the double injustice faced by mesothelioma sufferers - contracting the disease in the first place because of employer negligence and political indifference and then denied the investment in medical research that would at least give them some kind of hope.

Calls were also made for a national programme to eradicate asbestos from our workplaces, buildings and environment, to prevent similar tragedies in the future. In the same week that Action Mesothelioma Day events were being held around the UK, the Government released the most up to date figures on new mesothelioma cases. 2,538 new cases were diagnosed in 2013, 7 cases a day.

Getting asbestos out of our work and environment is crucial and we should fight hard to make this a reality. But whatever successes we achieve will come too late for those who have already contracted mesothelioma, and those who will face this diagnosis in the future because of past asbestos exposure. They must not be forgotten and the search for better treatments, and ultimately even a cure, must be at the centre of our campaigning efforts.

Mesothelioma research has only received a fraction of the research funding granted to cancers with similar mortality rates. And new treatments and survival rates for mesothelioma patients have languished as a result compared to these diseases.

Mesothelioma researchers believe there may be significant improvements in treatment on the horizon, but funding is needed to turn this optimism into something tangible for mesothelioma patients. In May 2016, the International Mesothelioma Interest Group will hold its biannual conference in the UK, bringing together the foremost mesothelioma researchers and clinicians from around the world, for the very first time. The decision to hold the iMig conference in the UK is a recognition of the pioneering work being conducted here by mesothelioma researchers. It is high time this Government also recognised these promising developments by providing sufficient, sustainable funding that could turn this hope into reality.

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