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3 March 2014

The Health and Safety Executive plans to develop an asbestos behaviour change campaign in 2014.

The Health and Safety Executive have conducted research to identify key issues for an asbestos campaign in 2014. The campaign will utilise regional radio, building on the success of the Hidden Killer Campaign, and will aim to distribute asbestos information kits.

To see the HSE commissioned research click here ....


December 2011 - HSE Asbestos Campaign Resurrected

The Health and Safety Executive’s award-winning ‘Hidden Killer’ asbestos campaign is to recommence, after being put on hold for over a year on government instruction. The Asbestos Victims Support Groups Forum joined many other organisations lobbying to reinstate the Hidden Killer Campaign. Asbestos victims support groups welcome the reinstatement of the campaign which has the potential to save hundreds of lives.

The Health and Safety Executive launch a new £1.2million Asbestos: Hidden Killer campaign

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has launched a campaign to warn maintenance workers of the dangers of asbestos in buildings today.
The campaign aims to aims to raise awareness of the risks posed by asbestos and how workers can protect themselves.
Across Britain, around 20 tradesmen die from asbestos diseases every week and the numbers are increasing. Workers most at risk of exposure to asbestos are those most likely to disturb or damage it such as plumbers, joiners and electricians.

Mike Cross, HSE’s North West Head of Construction, said: “Asbestos is Britain’s biggest industrial killer . . . . Contrary to what many people believe, the risks are not a thing of the past. Asbestos-related illnesses claim the lives of 4,000 people every year — more than die in road accidents.

For information about the campaign go to:

For information about essential precautions to prevent exposure to asbestos at work go to:


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